Tigers are found mainly in the forests of tropical Asia, although they historically occurred more widely in drier and colder climes. Based on studies,estimate that Tigers need to kill 50 large prey animals per year. Tigers are opportunistic predators, however, and their diet includes birds, fish, rodents, insects, amphibians, reptiles in addition to other mammals such as primates and porcupines. Tigers can also take ungulate prey much larger than themselves, including large bovids (water buffalo, gaur, banteng), elephants and rhinos.

Tigers are generally solitary, with adults maintaining exclusive territories, or home ranges. Adult female home ranges seldom overlap, whereas male ranges typically overlap from 1–3 females, a typical felid pattern of social organization.

Latin Name : Panthera tigris sumatrae

Common Name : Sumatran Tiger

Local Name : Harimau Sumatera