Tambling Wildlife Nature Conservation or TWNC is a conservation area operated and managed by Artha Graha Peduli or AGP Foundation since 1996.

In 2007 TWNC was officially part of AGP’s green program signing of Cooperation agreement between AGP and Ministry of Forestry.

TWNC covers 48,153 hectares of forest which is part of 365,000 hectares of South Bukit Barisan National Park or SBBNP and around 14.089 hectares of marine reserve. TWNC is located on the southern tip of Sumatera Island, it’s a very remote area so ideal for wild life protection.

Background History

In the past, several illegal activities occurred in TWNC – Illegal hunting, illegal logging, illegal fishing, and misuse of the land in Tambling.

Such activities created deforestation in the South Bukit Barisan National Park reducing the forest area by 20%. In addition, the practice of blast fishing damaged the natural reefs within the marine reserve area.

AGP first came to TWNC in 1996 as volunteer and receive permit to manage the conservation area through Adhiniaga Kreasinusa Corporation set up in 2007 officially named Tambling Wild Life Nature Conservation – TWNC. We collaborate with the Government to manage the 48,153 hectares of forest and 14,089 hectares of sea. TWNC work together Panthera USA for tiger monitoring program in Tambling. We also take part in UNFCCC Conferences around the world to share our efforts in addressing Wild Life Conservation and Climate change.

Tambling had no illegal activities since 2001 so the forest and marine life is now back to its original glory. There is also enclave or a portion of territory surrounded by TWNC area whose inhabitants are culturally or ethnically distinct which is called Pangekahan village at the eastern side of TWNC.


TWNC area is still well covered with forest. This area consist of low land tropical rain forestscoastal forestsmangrove forests, lake and freshwater marsh as well as low land secondary forests. There is also enclave or a portion of territory surrounded by TWNC area whose inhabitants are culturally or ethnically distinct which is called Pangekahan village at the eastern side of TWNC.


TWNC is UNIQUE AND TRULY ONE OF A KIND WILD LIFE CONSERVATION site, heaven for endangered species such as Sumatran Tigers, Sun Bears, Sumatran Elephant, Clouded Leopard, Dhole, Sumatran Surili, Great Argus, Rhinoceros Hornbill, and the rare White-winged Duck which often visit Sei Leman and Menjukut Lake and many many more. TWNC have the highest population of Sumatran Tigers in the World in their conservation area. 

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