Alan Rabinowitz
Something nice happened in Tambling. Tomy, he is trying to do the right things and I think he actually do the right things.
Yury Fedotov
Some people say that we should focus only on human beings not animals as our first priority. But this excellent model of rehabilitation in Sumatra show that we can do both. In fact, we need to do both if we are to save our planet and our chance for survival in a time of accelerating climate change.
Kylie Minogue
My first thing comment native is about the air, you can’t believe how delicious the air, and I thankful to relish us to the beautiful air in here. Still unbelievable, inspiring what he’s doing (Tomy Winata). It’s all about to save the world.
Tomy Winata
People who find profit by destroying nature and wildlife need to be penalized severely. Because he is destroying nature, he is destroying the earth. If we want to protect nature, secure and patrol the forest, we have to do it earnestly.